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Quality Guarantee Committee Records

Record of November, 13th of 2008.

Record of November, 20th of 2008.

Record of November, 27th of 2008.

Record of December, 4th of 2008.

Record of December, 11th of 2008.

Record of July, 1st of 2009.

Record of October, 5th of 2009.

Record of December, 20th of 2010.

Record of April, 13th of 2011.

Record of April, 25th of 2012.

Record of July, 23rd of 2012.

Record of September, 18th of 2012.

Record of October, 8th of 2012.

Record of January, 21st of 2013.

Record of April, 18th of 2013.

Record of May, 28th of 2013.

Record of October, 11th of 2013.

Record of December, 19th of 2013.

Record of March, 28 of 2014.

Record of May, 21st of 2014.

Record of July, 16th of 2014.

Record of October, 6th of 2014.

Record of May, 20th of 2015.

Record of November, 11th of 2015.

Record of March, 17th of 2016.

Record of April, 28th of 2016.

Record of November, 17th of 2016.

Record of October, 24th of 2017.

Record of July, 19th of 2018.

Record of September, 25th of 2018.

Record of November, 29th of 2018.

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