University Institute of Intelligent Systems and Numeric Applications in Engineering
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The Institute of Intelligent Systems and Numerical Applications in Engineering is divided in six departments and several national and international collaborative projects.

These departmens are "Advanced Numerical Algebra", "Quality, Efficiency and Sustainability", "Evolutionary Computation and Applications (CEANI)", "Discretization and Applications", "Thermal Engineering and Instrumentation", "Continuous Mechanics and Structural" and "Robotics and Computational Oceanography".





The Board of SIANI is formed by the following:

  • Director: Antonio Falcón Martel
  • Administrator: Eduardo Rodríguez Barrera
  • Head teacher: Antonio C. Dominguez-Brito
  • Quality vice director: Ricardo Aguasca Colomo
  • Manager: Albert Oliver Serra

The Board makes decisions according to The Executive Committee which is formed by:

  • Antonio Falcón Martel, as director of SIANI.
  • Eduardo Rodríguez Barrera, as administrator.
  • Antonio C. Dominguez-Brito, as head teacher.
  • Albert Oliver Serra, as manager.
  • Gustavo Montero García, ANA division director.
  • Ricardo Aguasca Colomo, CEA division director.
  • Francisco Mario Hernández Tejera, CES division director.
  • Luis Alberto Padrón Hernández, MMC division director.
  • Jorge Cabrera Gámez, ROC division director.
  • José María Escobar Sánchez, DCA division director.
  • Orlando Maeso Fortuny, PhD coordinator.
  • Lorenzo Pérez Suárez, PAS representative.

 In tasks related to informatics services administration that are made by the Institute as well as electronic equipment, SIANI has the following staff:

  • Juan Ignacio González Santana, trained in Laboratory Management.

The institute has also the following support technicians:

  • Pablo López Dolz
  • Javier Guerrero Vega 

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