University Institute of Intelligent Systems and Numeric Applications in Engineering
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The Institute of Intelligent Systems and Numerical Applications in Engineering (SIANI) owns several research laboratories and teaching classrooms that permit the development of new technologies.

The institute is divided in three wide categories:

- Teaching: Master degree and PhD classroom

SIANI has a classroom where official master in Intelligent Systems and Advanced Numeric Applications in engineering (Sistemas inteligentes y aplicaciones numéricas en ingeniería) is taught. This Master degree is focused on solving physical problems in engineering, linked to design, development and use of computer science.

- Research: domotic, robotics and mechanics laboratories

The institute owns a robotics, science and technology specialized laboratory. Its main aim is robot design and manufacturing. Robotics is a mixture of several subjects, such as mechanics, electronics, computer science, artificial intelligence and control automation.

Mechanical engineering is a crucial subject at a wide range of activities, for example, systems in engineering design or development. The objectives of this laboratory are researching, developing and teaching in this field.

Domotic laboratory is in charge of the cluster of technologies related to home control and automation. These technologies not only offer security and comfort, but also allow to efficiently manage the energy usage.

- Data Processing Centre (CPD)

 SIANI owns a wide room where is located the Data Processing Centre (CPD) so the access to the needed information to operate is always guaranteed. It also assures the security and protection of computers, communication equipment and database servers. Very important in these fields.

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