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The current Quality Assurance System for Advanced Training (SGCFA) of SIANI was approved in its version R02, on August 12, 2009. The SGCFA follows the Assurance System Quality Assurance Framework ULPGC Centres approved by the Council on June 4, 2008. Lately, It was positively evaluated by the Cabinet of Institutional Assessment (GHG) of the Vice President for Quality and Innovation in Education (VCIE) to be presented to the second calling for AUDIT of ULPGC centers.

On May 3, 2010 SGCFA received the ANECA's positive assessment with proposals for improvements. On February 14, 2011 is issued by the VCIE the certified copy of the Certificate of ANECA which makes known that the SIANI SGCFA has been evaluated and it was found to be in compliance with the standards and guidelines of AUDIT program, with issue date 25/10/2010 and valid until 25/10/2013.

The basic document of SIANI SGCFA, it is the Manual of Quality Assurance System for Advanced Training (MSGCFA), it is complete with a Manual of Procedures of the University Institute and other one of Institutional Procedures. Finally, MSGCFA also includes the definition of quality policy and the objectives of the Institute.






Positive Assessment Certificate


Manual of Quality Assurance System for Advanced Training  (established on 11th October of 2013)

Procedures  (established on 11th October of 2013)

Key procedures

  • PCI01 Ingress profile and student recruitment updates.
  • PCI02 Course planification.
  • PCI03 Student guidance
  • PCI04 Student’s mobility management.
  • PCI05 Teaching evolution and student’s assessment.
  • PCI06 Final thesis management.
  • PCI07 External practices management.
  • PCI08 Public information.

Strategic procedures

  • PEI01 Institute policy creation and updating

Support procedures

  • PAI01 SGC (Quality Guarantee Service) paperwork management.
  • PAI02 Material resources management.
  • PAI03 Service management.
  • PAI04 Degree extinction management.
  • PAI05 Student admission and recruitment.
  • PAI06 Academic incidences resolution.
  • PAI07 Satisfaction, expectatives and needs measuring.
  • PAI08 Result analysis and accountability.
  • PAI09 Non-compliance management.

Institutional procedures

Available in ULPGC Quality website

  • PI01 Teaching and researching staff policies definition.
  • PI02 Management and services staff policies definition.
  • PI03 Teaching and researching staff recruitment.
  • PI04 Management and services staff recruitment.
  • PI05 PDI training.
  • PI06 PAS training.
  • PI07 PDI training.
  • PI08 Material resources extracting.
  • PI09 General and social services managing.
  • PI10 Student recruitment and enrolment.
  • PI11 ULPGC official studies managing and processing.
  • PI12 Complaint, suggestion and greetings management.
  • PI13 Labour market entering tracking.
  • PI14 Official offered education design or modification.
  • PI15 Own postgraduate studies design.
  • PI16 Satisfaction measuring.
  • PI17 Quality auditing.

Proceeding application calendar

SIANI Master studies tutorial plan

Quality Guaranteeing Committee Minutes


Annual Institute Report

Annual SIANI Master Studies Report


 ANECA Reports

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