University Institute of Intelligent Systems and Numeric Applications in Engineering
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 Procedures  (established on 11th October of 2013)

Key procedures

  • PCI01 Ingress profile and student recruitment updates.
  • PCI02 Course planification.
  • PCI03 Student guidance
  • PCI04 Student’s mobility management.
  • PCI05 Teaching evolution and student’s assessment.
  • PCI06 Final thesis management.
  • PCI07 External practices management.
  • PCI08 Public information.

Strategic procedures

  • PEI01 Institute policy creation and updating

Support procedures

  • PAI01 SGC (Quality Guarantee Service) paperwork management.
  • PAI02 Material resources management.
  • PAI03 Service management.
  • PAI04 Degree extinction management.
  • PAI05 Student admission and recruitment.
  • PAI06 Academic incidences resolution.
  • PAI07 Satisfaction, expectatives and needs measuring.
  • PAI08 Result analysis and accountability.
  • PAI09 Non-compliance management.

Institutional procedures

Available in ULPGC Quality website

  • PI01 Teaching and researching staff policies definition.
  • PI02 Management and services staff policies definition.
  • PI03 Teaching and researching staff recruitment.
  • PI04 Management and services staff recruitment.
  • PI05 PDI training.
  • PI06 PAS training.
  • PI07 PDI training.
  • PI08 Material resources extracting.
  • PI09 General and social services managing.
  • PI10 Student recruitment and enrolment.
  • PI11 ULPGC official studies managing and processing.
  • PI12 Complaint, suggestion and greetings management.
  • PI13 Labour market entering tracking.
  • PI14 Official offered education design or modification.
  • PI15 Own postgraduate studies design.
  • PI16 Satisfaction measuring.
  • PI17 Quality auditing.

Proceeding application calendar

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