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Continuum Mechanics and Structures

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 Under the general section of “Continuum Mechanics and Structures” there is a great diversity of engineering problems; among those the group members have made the following themes:

Lines of research

1.     Ground-structure interaction. Cimentation rigidity calculation.

2.     Dynamic interaction ground-water-structure. Dam seismic behavior studies.

3.     Dynamic study of saturated porous means.

4.     Noise pollution. Noise propagation study. Environmental noise from diverse sources impact evaluation. Strategies of impact minimization design.

5.     Fracture dynamics.

6.     Wave propagation in superficial waters.

The treatment in all of these lines of work has always been numerical and the common axis has been the usage of dynamic formulation of boundary element method. The objective for each one of them has been not only the obtaining of the necessary results from an engineering-related point of view, but also the development of models and numeric tools capable to solve the problem.

In general aspect, Continuum Mechanics and Structures field is centered in two areas:

a.     Civil engineering area

b.     Structural mechanics area

It can be said that this division is related to many different problems but with a common link: wave propagation:

  • Ground dynamics: seismic waves, cracks
  • Sea: ripples in waves
  • Air: pressure waves
  • Noise: sound waves

These are situations that can change with the past of time and that can produce a variety of results. The tools required for its resolution are very similar. Among them there are mathematical applications and informatics programming. We just want to find a way to show the physics reality by mathematic models and equations, distinguishing two resolution methods:

a.     Finite element method

b.     Boundary element method

Even though these are autonomous works, into this division there is a great quantity of activity made by interrelated divisions:

Work and research lines that this division makes autonomously (right now):

  • Seismic structure analysis
  • Vibration subjected structures analysis
  • Wave propagation in the marine environment
  • Acoustic wave propagation
  • Crack studies in dynamic burden subjected items

Joint work with other divisions:

  • Structure optimization - Evolutionary Computing and Applications (CEANI)
  • Wave modelling – Evolutionary Computing and Applications (CEANI)
  • Acoustic screens profile optimization – Evolutionary Computing and Applications (CEANI)
  • Mesh refinement Works - Discretization and Applications

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This website offers a collection of publications that contains some of the results stemming from the research work of the division, including several papers in referred journals.

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