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Orlando Francisco Maeso

Orlando Francisco Maeso


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Continuum Mechanics and Structures


PhD. Industrial Engineer (1992) and professor (1994) in the Continuum mechanics and Theory of Structures at the ULPGC. He has a recognized nationwide accreditation of the University lecturer’s staff.

His researcher activity has been linked to numeric methods developing and application, specially the Boundary Element Method, elastodynamics’ problems and wave propagation in solids and fluids (structure dynamics, ground-structure and ground-water-structure interaction problems, poroelastic solids dynamic analysis and acoustic waves’ propagation). He has been member of various research programs and also participated in around 100 publications, including book chapters, speeches and monographs, most of them in an international framework. He is also reviewer of some journals.

In the university managing sector he has been in some units of the ULPGC: vice director and head teacher of the EIIC; director of the Civil Engineering Department of the ULPGC (from June of 2004 until November of 2009); manager of the University Institute SIANI (from July of 2010 until July of 2012); director of the SIANI (from August of 2012 until December of 2013); and Director of Transfers and European Projects, part of the vice-rectory of R&D of the ULPGC, since January of 2014.

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