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Ricardo Aguasca

Ricardo Aguasca


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Evolutionary Computation and Applications


Professor Ricardo Aguasca Colomo studied Industrial Engineering degree (specialized in electric) at Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) and completed his PhD in Industrial Engineering at ULPGC in cooperation with the Electric, Electronic and Control Engineering department of UNED (Madrid) in 1994.

He cooperates in some research publications related with electronic engineering (electric energy quality) since 1992, other applications related to control and decision making through fuzzy logic, reliability/security based design and RPAS integration in emergency managing systems, including JCR journals, books and national and international conferences speeches.

He has participated in some projects and national and international research contracts as well as acting as scientific committee and international congresses’ member.

He has been in charge of the sub-directorate of teaching organizing and extracurricular activities in the Superior School of Industrial Engineers, Erasmus coordinator and quality assistant director of IUSIANI.

He has an extended teaching career conveying university extension courses and some others in Summer Universities of the Canary Islands.

Right now, he is collaborating in the developing of a UAS system in the Canary Islands to be used for emergency and security purposes.

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