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Jorge Cabrera

Jorge Cabrera


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Robotic and Computational Oceanography


Dr. Jorge Cabrera Gámez is Associate Professor in the area of Computational Sciences and Artificial Intelligence at the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) and head of the Robotics and Computational Oceanography at the Institute of Intelligent Systems and Numerical Application on Engineering (SIANI) at the ULPGC. He received PhD in Computer Science in 1994. At the ULPGC he has lectured on Physics, Artificial Intelligence, Sensor Networks, Robotics, Computational Logics and Wireless Sensor Networks.

His research interests have been focused on computer vision, field robotics and application of intelligent systems to different domains participating in numerous research projects. He has published over one hundred papers on these topics in specialized journal and conferences.

He has served as reviewer for several main robotics (IROS, ICRA) and computer vision (ICVS) conferences, the Marine Technology Society Journal and the Journal of Physical Agents.

Recently, he has been responsible of the ULPGC teams participating on several robotics competitions like SAUC-E (Student Underwater Vehicle Challenge Europe) and the World Robotic Sailing Championship.

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