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Francisco Mario Hernandez

Francisco Mario Hernandez


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Quality, Efficiency, Sustainability


Francisco Mario Hernández Tejera is profesor of the university in the area of Computation and Artificial Intelligence Sciences. He is Industrial Engineer and PhD. in Informatics by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. He is teacher in subjects related to Artificial Intelligence in the Informatics degree of the Informatics Engineering School, and also in the postgraduate Master of Research in Intelligent Systems and Numeric Applications in Engineering made by the University Institute SIANI. As well, he will teach subjects related with that topic and with Intelligent Energy Networks in the Efficient Energy Master that the SIANI will make from 2014-2015 school year

His researching labor is focused in the field of Artificial Intelligence applied to Artificial Vision in Real Time, Image Processing, Shape Recognizing and Automatic Learning. Lastly, he has started new lines of research related with the application of Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering in the field of Intelligent Electric Networks. His activity is centered in the Artificial Intelligence application to Demand Management problems and also the simulation, analysis and data exploitation software developing to electric systems from the perspective of complex systems. There is an open line working with researching and joint projects with the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KTH), from the University of Karlsruhe and also by big enterprises at the electric field.

His researching labor is reflected in 3 patents and 5 software registrations. He is also coauthor of more than 50 published articles, more than 120 contributions to congresses and symposiums, director of 10 doctoral theses and coauthor of some book chapters. His work has received diverse awards to congress presentations and directed doctoral theses. He is a journal reviewer and editor of the journal Pattern Recognition. He has been as well organizer of different congresses and made part of the scientific committee of many others.

Has been director of two doctorate programs of the ULPGC, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Informatics of the ULPGC, University Institute SIANI’s manager and Educative Innovation of ULPGC’s director. He is now SIANI’s Quality, Efficiency and Sustainability divisions manager.

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