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J. Daniel Hernandez

J. Daniel Hernandez


Phone: +34 928 45 8701


Robotic and Computational Oceanography


The professor Daniel Hernández has the degrees of graduated and PhD. in Informatics by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC). Now he is part of the teaching staff of the Informatics Engineering of the ULPGC and researcher at the University Institute SIANI.

Has been part of different researching groups since 1992 in areas related with artificial vision, robotics and percepto-efector systems. He has more than 80 published papers, including impact index journals, patents, book chapters and speeches in national and international conferences. He has participated in research projects and contracts in the regional and national field, and three of them have been managed by him in a pre-competitive and competitive context at regional level. He has been as well reviewer by pairs of journals and also member of scientific and/or programme committee of some international congresses. Has also been part of the organizing committee of various international congresses. 

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