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Gabriel Winter

Gabriel Winter


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Evolutionary Computation and Applications


Dr. Gabriel Winter Althaus got a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) in 1984 and he is University Professor since 1992.

He was director of the Department of Mathematics of the Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineers (ETSII) of the ULPGC from 1983 until its dissolution in March 1986, director of the Department of Mathematics of the ULPGC from September 1987 until February 1990, director of the ETSII-ULPGC from June 1996 until November 2000, director of the Interdepartmental Research Center of Numerical Applications in Engineering (CEANI) since November 30, 1992 until June 1, 2001 and director of the Institute of Intelligent Systems and Numerical Applications in Engineering (SIANI) from December 2001 until October 2007.

His research focuses on two areas of research. On the one hand, global and multi-objective optimization, intelligent systems for decision support, and their applications to complex problems for Industry and Companies. On the other hand, modeling, numerical simulation (FEM and FVM) and applications, including calculations on complex problems of engineering and optimal designs in multidisciplinary simulation problems. He is coauthor of over 200 published works, including JCR journals, book chapters and presentations at national and international conferences. He has served as reviewer for several journals. He has participated as principal investigator and coordinator of projects and contracts of national and international research and acted as a member of the scientific committee and / or program of several international conferences. He has received several awards for his research and has fourth periods of 6 years on research work (sexenios) recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science.

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