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Discretization and Applications

The Division brings together lecturers holding PhD qualifications who teach in the areas of Industrial Engineering and Telecommunications. At the beginning, the Discretization and Applications Division is composed of a University Professor, two University Teachers, a University School Professor and others who collaborate in research tasks or who are in training.

 Human Resources of the Division. Members


Work and research lines

The research activity of these division members, that has made possible the creation of many subsidized research projects and publications, is centered in the next aspects:

  • Mesh of finite element models generation. Adaptive proccesses of 2D and 3D refining/unrefining. 2D and 3D Delaunay triangulation.
  • Tetrahedron meshes adapted to irregular topography.
  • Mesh Softening and unravelling.
  • Numeric analysis and evolutionary convection-diffusion problem resolution.
  • Bidimensional image approach.
  • Microstrips transmission in a dielectric medium lines settings evaluation.
  • Wind fields simulation and atmospheric contamination.
  • Fire propagation simulation.
  • Electromagnetic field simulation.
  • Elasticity problem analysis by singular elements usage.
  • Error estimation and indication in finite elements method.
  • Heat interchange filter simulation.

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