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Antonio C. Dominguez

Antonio C. Dominguez


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Robotics and Computational Oceanography


Computer scientist graduated at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC), and holds a PhD. in Computer Science obtained at the same university as well. Presently he is at the Computer Science Department at ULPGC as Assistant Professor, and he is, also, a researcher at the University Institute in Intelligent Systems and Numerical Applications in Engineering (SIANI) at ULPGC, in the Robotics and Computational Oceanography division (ROC).

His research activities started around 1998, and have been mainly focused on software development for autonomous systems, autonomous navigation and embedded systems. He has been author/coauthor of many scientific publications, namely, papers and contributions to national and international conferences, books and book chapters, and journal papers. In addition, he has participated as a peer reviewer in several scientific publications with impact factor, and in diverse national and international conferences.

Moreover, he has participated as a researcher in numerous research national and regional projects, and has experience as principal researcher in those projects. From a university teaching point of view, his experience started in 2001, with subjects and courses taught at engineering degree level, and in master and doctorate levels too, having supervised 2 PhD. thesis, and many master, and engineering degree final projects. Currently he is SIANI's Head of Studies and Coordinator of Master SIANI's Studies.

Further information in his web page at the Robotic and Computational Oceanography Division site.

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