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Research lines

During the first year of the research period, the student will attend to a research seminary, electing between the contents of the following list, in order to get a total amount of 12 ECTS credits. These seminaries will be developed in the first term. The training activities during this course will be completed with the accomplishment or tutorial research works that will have to be related to the elected seminary. The research works are developed with the SIANI research division help, responsible of the different research programs that imply the starting of the student’s research activity about his or her doctoral thesis. The academic burden appointed to the research works is of 42 ECTS credits, from which 18 are from the first term and 24 from the second term. The results of this research work, including articles and presentations, will be gathered in a final memory that will be assessed by a group of evaluators named by the Academic Committee of the doctorate program, who will have to assess as well the usage of seminaries and made works.  

The work offer is the following:


1. Superficial meshes optimization and adaptation 

2. Percepto-efector systems

3. Versatile system preconditioning

4. Security system models and evaluative optimization methods

5. Wave and vibration propagation modelling and simulation

6. User perceptual interface

7. Numeric simulation and intelligent optimization

8. Automatic learning and data mining

9. Perceptual intelligence

10. Chemical engineering split simulation processes

11. Domotics engineering


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