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Researching period acceptance criteria

The student’s access to the researching period of the Doctorate program is made once the 60 ECTS credits of the “Intelligent Systems and Numerical Applications in Engineering” Master studies of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This degree gives direct access, without any other supplement, to continue the doctorate studies in the researching period, joining to one of the active lines of research where, with mentor’s help, he or she will plan and make his or her doctoral thesis that, after its presentation and defence, will achieve the degree of “Doctorate from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria”.

The access to the research period can also be done through one of the following modalities:

1.     Having another university Master of, at least 60 credits, from an EHEA tertiary education institution.

2.     Having an obtained title under other education systems outside of the EHEA, without any need of homologation, as long as the degree demonstrates a required abilities and training similar to the Spanish ones and also whenever the dispatcher country empowers students’ access to doctorate studies.

3.     Having achieved 60 credits of one or more university master studies as requested by the university.

4.     Being with a degree which duration, according to European law, would be of at least 300 credits.

In all of the previous 1, 2, 3 and 4 premises, the doctorate program will create the training complements that students will have to study for their acceptance in the research period. Those complements will be defined by the academic committee depending on more or less affinity between the training that they would have received and the one that will give them the right to access and the curricular content of the Intelligent Systems and Numerical Applications in engineering master studies. The training complements will consist of a bunch of subjects that are part of the master studies that, in every moment will include the 4 credits corresponding to R&D methodology in engineering. These credits will not be part of the 60 usual credits corresponding to the first year’s research period.

Once finished the acceptance process, the committee will assign every student a mentor.

More information about the access process and acceptance program can be found here.


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