University Institute of Intelligent Systems and Numeric Applications in Engineering
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Main structure objectives

The instructive objectives of the Doctorate Studies of Intelligent Systems and Numerical Applications in Engineering are directly related to the research lines that are under functioning. It is a multidisciplinary program that is developed in a University Institute where there are different technological fields related to Computer engineering working together, these are, among others:

  • -Know and use numerical algorithms to solve big systems of equations.
  • -Solve problems using binning methods.
  • -Know and use the most advanced techniques of numerical modelling in Continuum Mechanics problems.
  • -Solve dynamic and structural problems where the ground-structure and/or ground-water-structure interaction effects are very significant.
  • -Know the software optimizing and developing techniques to solve optimizing problems related to complex systems engineering.
  • -Get the knowledge and abilities to develop software environments to solve simulation problems in engineering.
  • -Know how to use data mining and heuristic search algorithms to apply them to intelligent systems sorting and optimization.
  • -Have all the required knowledge to allow to develop distributed computing algorithms.
  • -Know and use data visualization and animation designing and deployment tools.
  • -Be able to develop projects and intelligent systems installations.
  • -Be able to establish a dynamic scheduling of mobile and industrial robots.
  • -Be able to design and develop interactive intelligent systems.
  • -Master all of the stages of a project (designing analysis, technical analysis, programming, tests, documentation and user’s training).
  • -Supervise and coordinate the complete application developing process.
  • -Analyse and collect new market techniques and tools studying its viability and need.
  • -Keep updated about Computational Engineering techniques, methods and tools.
  • -Know and master the most advanced techniques of separation process simulation in Chemical Engineering.

You can get further information of the research lines in this program in this link.


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