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Doctoral thesis elaboration, processing and assessment

Once obtained the research stage accreditation with which finishes the first year of research period, the student will focus on the making of his or her doctoral thesis, with the assigned director or directors. In this stage, the status of doctorate student is acquired completing the doctorate academic tutelage tuition, (thesis phase). The learner will give the Academic Committee a thesis Project with his or her director or directors for its evaluation. The Academic Committee will evaluate each proposal, following coherence criteria between the suggested thesis titles and the lines of work of the doctorate program.

During the academic tutelage stage, the Academic Committee will get from the student and the director the required information to determine at every moment the project’s progress and the objective fulfillment and the expected timeline. This information can include the activity proposal made by the director, which can be checkable yearly at the start of every academic year and other report at the end of every year which includes the state of the progress made.

Once finished the doctoral thesis, the student will bring the Academic Committee a copy attached with the director or directors authorization. It will be presented as well a list of the research tasks emerging from the presented thesis (articles, reports, presentations, stays, patents or land registration, etc.). The Academic Committee will resolve in a maximum of fifteen days over the thesis document authorization of deposit. The criteria are based on the document quality and, also important the published results existence in external organisms which had passed evaluation processes (journal articles with anonymous review, scientific presentations with a rigorous participating selection, etc.). As a general rule it is required at least one publication in one of the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) of Science Citation Index (SCI). In this assessment, it will be seen the journal’s level of impact and its place in the subject classification. It will be also appreciated the works included in international prestigious congresses in the fields in which those ones would be a vehicle of dissemination similar to maximum prestige JCR journals.

It will be made a public defense act of the doctoral thesis, whose assessment committee will be compounded by five doctors with accredited research activity equivalent to the one to be thesis director. It will be part of the committee a maximum number of two members of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in no case being the director or directors of the doctoral thesis.

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